Introducing Yours, Black Butterfly

In our lifetime, each one of us influences both by word and by deed – either for good or for bad – countless numbers of people. That means all of us are difference makers.” – Zig Ziglar

It is true, what Zig Ziglar has said. I have witnessed it in the lives of many people – including mine. I had once been (and still) influenced by words and deeds of others. When people doubt you, you doubt yourself. Even if you can, you won’t because it has already been instilled in your mind that you can’t. When people believe and cheer you, you are motivated. Even if you think it’s beyond what you can actually do, you are still motivated to try because your heart is fired up with hope.

What we do and say in our daily lives cannot just only affect ourselves but also others. And we all have that one (or to some, many) strength that can make a great impact. In my case, I have my words.

Words have become a huge part of my life as I grow. There are stories that encouraged me to dream big, books that opened my eyes to reality, articles that helped me know what is and isn’t. Words from made businessmen on seminars, movies that says I can be the best me, and songs that sung the loneliness of your heart are also one of the things that guide me as I go through the process of coming of age, especially for a girl who prefers to be in the comfort of her home.

Since then words became an important part of my life and up today writing has been my outlet, so now I, too, have that power to influence others, and I want to use mine to make a good difference.

Allow me to share to you this short story I read from one of my English textbooks when I was in primary level in grade school.

(My paraphrase, as I have forgotten the exact words used. I wish I had kept the book/page! Nevertheless, I had kept the story in my heart and this is how it pretty much went, minus some dramatic ending I added one or two sentences below. :P)

There was a black butterfly. She was lonely and insecure. She didn’t have friends because she is different. She didn’t have beautiful colorful wings unlike the other butterflies the kids play with. Whereas with her, they run in fear. No one likes her. She didn’t even like herself. How she wished she had colorful wings, as she stares at her own black pair in the mirror.

As she watched the lives of the colorful butterflies from afar, she saw how the kids play with them. They catch the butterflies and keep them in a jar. Some died, some had their wings pulled out and played with. From then, she saw the good side of having black wings, of being different. She began to be thankful for having black wings; she wouldn’t be alive now if it weren’t for them. She started to see her difference in a better perspective. She can now appreciate her beauty and uniqueness. She started exploring the garden, not afraid of what she may look like. She may be different or feared at, but she has something other butterflies don’t – her life and freedom.

This story touched my young heart that time and still has up to this day. I may have grown and forgot about this story for a while but it never left my heart so I was able to recall it when I was in high school, where loneliness and insecurity engulfs me. But like the black butterfly, I have also found my worth. This story has taught me that it is okay to live and stand out. Years after – probably almost/more than two decades – I have connected the story to a deeper meaning that made sense and impact to my life now.

Because it had grown close to my heart, I carry the story and newfound identity of the black butterfly on this blog as I share good things in life: may it be an insight, a story, a song, a book, a lesson, passion, hobbies, or reflections.

And to you who read this now,

It is okay to be different; you are wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14). Embrace your God-given uniqueness and use it for a better, brighter purpose. Develop your strength and live courageously!

See you around and happy reading!


Black Butterfly.


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