Journal entry

5-Day Single Mom

Blog version of my journal entry dated last January 16, 2017.

I can’t remember when was the first time that I said and thought that being a single parent is hard. Or being a parent. It is hard. I have proven the words of parents when they say just to see their children eating or happy makes them happy and complete already. That’s why some moms tend to forget to fix themselves because they put their children first, especially the young ones. Why I was able to say these? Because I have experienced to be like a single mom for Mika (my youngest sister, 6 years old that time) since both of my parents and sister are away to pay respect to our grandfather’s burial. They went to Bicol last Friday at dawn and expected to come back on Sunday, but were moved to Tuesday.

Although there were times relatives came to help, I have experienced caring for a child full time. I work at a grade school and do kids’ ministry, but this one’s different. As I woke early in the morning until when my head hits the pillow at night, my attention is on the child. I experienced on how to manage and send a child to school and pick her up again at dismissal. I experienced bringing a child wherever you go, whatever you do, and yes [sometimes] causes distraction too. It came to a point where I need to go to work but knowing my responsibility, I worry who should take care of her. Then you will come home from work at night. Like most parents do, they have no choice but to entrust the child’s care to their relatives or nanny while at work. Of course they need to work to sustain their children. And now I understand why. Sometimes it’s easy to say “she/they should take care of their children first before work”. I have heard a lot of parents say that they’re the happiest when their children are happy, that they don’t need to experience good things as long as their kids do, that they need to work to sustain their needs – even if, painfully, it takes their time away from them – but it’s a whole other thing to experience it yourself .

I experienced on how to keep a child happy and not bored the entire day (you just can’t imagine the endless things may happen if a child is bored), to meet her needs, to appreciate little things kids do that sometimes adult people think silly, and to make her feel loved and secured all the time. It takes a lot of effort too. Good thing Mika is a responsible, understanding, and controlled child. She cooperated with me and others who took care of her the whole time. Stress lessens. If she’s a different child, I must’ve given up.

I have learned and realized a lot of things in this experience. As I write this, I am not even sure why God allowed me to experience all these and receive a handful of revelations. I am yet far from this season (haha). Then again, I thought that this will be the same scenario when I come to that season. It really is hard. One of the major reasons why people need to wait on God’s timing on their life’s season. It made me appreciate even more the current season I’m on, to even more embrace and enjoy it. I don’t think I’d rush again after this experience (not that I still do). I love being single! 😀 😉

Thank You Lord for this unforgettable experience, for Your revelations, and for my single season! 😀

P.S I salute all parents – even single parents – who remain strong and responsible through it all.

You see, not only did I appreciate my singlehood more through this experience, but most especially, the parents.

Let me end this post with a greeting to all the admirable moms a happy mother’s day and give an advanced greeting to all strong dads a happy father’s day! To all parents out there, we appreciate you. Thank you for the love.


Black Butterfly


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