Book: Ikaw Na Ang Maganda 2: Dress Up Pure and Lovely by Malu Tiongson-Ortiz

As you have read on one of my previous posts, I went to a book tour event and received complimentary copies of the books featured on the tour plus a little one from the publisher, and today I’m sharing you my thoughts about it!

The book is called Ikaw Na Ang Maganda 2: Dress Up Pure and Lovely. It is a follow up book after the success of Ikaw Na Ang Maganda: How to Be Beautiful Inside and Out. Because of the success – it became a best-seller! – Malu, the author, thought that if her readers enjoyed a book about how to be beautiful through makeup, then she should also write a book about dressing up. “To complete the enhancement of a woman’s whole image,” she mentioned in the book.


Ikaw Na Ang Maganda 2: How to be Pure and LovelyIkaw Na Ang Maganda 2: Dress Up Pure and Lovely
by Malu Tiongson-Ortiz
Published September 2016 by OMF Literature
Genre: Non-fiction, womanhood, Christian
Language: Tagalog/Filipino, English
Available now! National Bookstore | OMF Lit stores
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My rating: 4 stars

Sometimes, when you see a beautiful, well-dressed woman, mapapaisip ka, Carry ko ba yan? Hindi mo naman ambisyon na masali sa “Best-Dressed List”— gusto mo lang ma-experience ang joy ng dressing up, ang tumingin sa salamin nang hindi nadi-disappoint, ang makita ang value ng iyong femininity.

In this friendly and honest book, ang sequel sa best-seller na Ikaw na ang Maganda, Malu Tiongson-Ortiz shows you that dressing up doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult—you’ll learn how to look your loveliest, with a beauty that is God-given, timeless, and pure.

Let Malu show you how to dress your best. Learn how to be a woman of purity, hindi lang sa pananamit, kundi pati sa pamumuhay at puso.

Read this book, and bring out the beauty that is already there.

A complimentary copy was given to me by the publisher but it does not affect my review.


I see this book each time I go to the bookstore and when I received it from the publisher, I thought the same thing I had when I was just seeing it in one of the shelves – that I’ve had my fair share of knowledge when it comes to dressing up pure. That I may read my thoughts and standpoint on the printed pages. I was right and I was wrong.

Yes, the viewpoints of the author on chapter one were already the same as mine but come chapter two, I began to see new insights when it comes to dressing up not only pure, but lovelier. Malu have pointed out that the most important reason why we should look our best is because we are loved and valued by God. It can be an act of worship. We can honor God with the way we dress. Sure, internal adornment is important but we can also adorn our self on the outside in honor to God. A princess shouldn’t only develop her personality and character, she should also always have to look her best because well, she is a princess, and her father is the king.

The book also contains question and answer conversation with imaging and personality development coach, Ginny Gonzales-Atacador, five looks in clothing (with clothing pieces suggestions), why should women dress modestly (from men perspectives), what makes women ugly, and many more. It’s like a one-stop beauty tips. I actually finished the book with new lessons and tips!

The book was written in conversational Tagalog-English language and though it is a follow up book, it can be still read as standalone. I thought I would be missing a lot because I haven’t read the first book but I was wrong. The author did mentioned the first book several times but it’s not prerequisite. However, it can be a nice addition to your beauty series.

Easy to read and understand, informative, and inspiring, this book is a woman’s must-have for an ultimate overall make-over from head-to-toe and the inside-out.


What are your thoughts on “make-over” books?


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