The Author

Hi! I’m Michelle. I’m a person, not a butterfly. But I do relate on the story of one particular butterfly, hence, the blog’s name. You can find the story on my introduction post.

I am a registered nurse here in the Philippines and also a licensed financial advisor. I own a book blog three years ago, which lasted three years. Writing is my passion, the outlet of my inmost thoughts and feelings. They said heart is the most deceitful of all – which is true – but sometimes it also bring out the best words from you, whatever they may be. I want to keep them for mine to read only but have realized and decided that these words may touch someone else’s heart and hopefully help, encourage, and give hope.

What to Expect from the Blog

I love books! So expect to see posts about my thoughts about them and some recommendations. I would also be sharing insights, stories, songs, lessons learned from failures and heartaches, hobbies, adventures, reflections, literary originals (like poetry and such), love, singlehood, God, and even health and financial tips from my profession! Anything, really.

Yours, Black Butterfly is like an open letter/journal for all readers. Welcome to my adventures, now as a courageous black butterfly – that is, embracing black wings (uniqueness) in a better and brilliant perspective! I hope you enjoy reading through them! 🙂

My Testimony

If you would perceive life in a cartoon or a children’s book, mine would be a plain black and white drawing. Living but not alive. That’s why deep inside, I am searching for joy, for acceptance, for love, and I have mistakenly given and took from the things that would not truly complete me. At the end of the day, I keep wanting. I’m just like a fool.

Unconsciously, I began to have a desire to change. To have color. To improve. Get out of my comfort zone. Internally my heart cries for something that will complete me. I am tired of living behind the shadows, of living in fear, doubt, and shame. I have so many big dreams and can’t seem to reach them, let alone start them, because of these. I have even thrown a lot of opportunities. In late 2012 I saw a chance and I thought I would not only develop a new skill, which is out of the box, but will also help me (and I remember how I excitedly asked that time) to live outside my box, to live in freedom. Little did I know that it’s even more and bigger than that.

I have been living and continue to pursue to live a life out of the box now, out of my comfort zone. I’m not yet perfect but I have a lifetime to change. My broken and damaged heart was fixed completely. My aching heart was healed and I found what I was searching for. The One who completes, the One who heals, the One who fulfills, the One who gives color and light, the One who gives hope and future, the One who truly loves me and accept me for who I am. And that is Jesus Christ.



Third party photos, quotes, articles, etc. that are shared on this blog will be given rightful credit to the owners.

Black butterfly blog photo credit from Google images.


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